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Classic Comics Forum Podcast #25: Star Wars by Marvel Comics part 5

June 15, 2020

In this episode, I'm joined by The Confessor for the fifth part of our epic deep dive into the original classic Marvel Comics run of Star Wars, which ran for 107 issues plus annuals beginning in 1977. Along the way, we will also be discussing exclusive supplemental stories published in Pizzazz, and in Marvel's UK Star Wars weekly comic.

In this fifth episode, Confessor and I discuss Annual #3, The Return of the Jedi mini series #1-4, and issues #81-94 of the main series, featuring Jo Duffy's take on what happened after the end of the original trilogy — and how her bold ideas were messed up by strict editorial interference from LucasFilm.

Plus, Confessor delivers his impassioned defense of Ewoks! "When people say that they don't like the Ewoks or think they're rubbish, I just think, 'I'm not sure you've really understood Star Wars.'"

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